Lorella Fabro



According to me, intellectual and artistic research is fundamental, so much that I inspire my phylosophy from a phrase by Socrates: “A life without research is not worth living”. An existential research that seldom has an aim, a purpose, a mental content to chase.

CANVAS IS MY FIELD OF ACTION, that tabula-rasa which donates me sensations and emotions that transform in images.

I paint using many techniques, especially tempera which I make personally, that is the result of some selections connected to my love for tradition and antiquity. I am sure that my colours, as well as not polluting, have an “Iperuranic” intensity and luminosity which lends to my operas the seal of romantic eternity.

Being “Iperuranic”, meaning binded to the world of ideas which stay in an illuminated and illuminating place, I can simply love the sun. The sun is the spring of life, of good and beautiful, and it is nearly always present in my operas, represented by an absolute colour which proves true, for me, in “gold leaf”.

My painting is true as a naked dream never on fashion.