Lorella Fabro


Sails that reveal

(emotions in Lorella Fabro’s paintings)

Slight traces with colour an enchanting drawing, that slowly becomes painting. This occurs in an intimate and secret place, that in a case like this, is exclusively Lorella Fabro’s hearth...from darkness to light and newly from light to darkness, a perpetuos jouney, even with the absence of wind...

The masterpiece,not anymore as the unique focus of the eyes, but a point, prefixed by a sensual will with the aim to find each one’s own destiny.. the colour certainly exists; kept as harmonious forms, diluted in its own strong and intense music; but the path of the emotions remains bounded to wonderful golden reflections that celebrate the sun in all its beauty and power. And it is the sun to condition everything; to simbolize life and splendour as clear powers even if secretely seized inside unlikely and unthinkable horizons...like the sea emotional dock, checked and revised, read and re-read plenty of times up to the most magical and personal of interpretations, it can suddenly appear like a flowering lawn of sails.

Lorella Fabro’s paintings are pure charms of a journey followed primarly within the soul and secondly with the eyes...What will be the probable hypotetic finishing point? But will there really be in this curious quest-colour a finishing point, a safe harbour where to linger?

Marco Lucio Zorzi

If it’s true, like Plato says, that human psyche is subject to precipitate in the Dionysiac abiss or elevate towards the supreme spheres of the mind, then also the everyday dimension of the Spirit moves alternatively, like day and night, between two opposite poles of experience and knowledge of oneself.

Prone to oscillate perpetually between the desire for beauty that strays in eros and pathos and the desire for truth that unfolds in the search of images and symbols to contrast with the unsustainable inertia of the existence, also Fabro’s spirit-opera moves without rest along the line thread that separates, like inthe marine orizon, the sky from the water..

From "Museo Hermetico" by Pietro Negri phylosopher of perception.

Lorella Fabro has close ties to the pictorial tradition of Venice and the Veneto region. She has little in common with the sirens of the contemporary scene and follows the path of analytical painting, looking into the experiences of the past for the knowledge required to conduct personal research in the figurative realm. She was born in Venice and studied with Emilio Vedova at the Academy of Fine Art before moving to Milan to work in fashion as a designer and graphic artist. She subsequently returned to Venice, where she attended the Free Nude Art School and studied ancient painting techniques in depth, under the guidance of the master Luciano Zarotti. She gained more experience at the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, where she made a number of copies of original paintings. Lorella Fabro depicts female figures, nature and landscapes. In her most recent artworks, she has focused on Venice and “portrayed” its movements and allure in the evening and night-time. It is an enchanted city of shadows and dazzling lights, gold and silver, reflections and ruggedness that reinvents itself and offers fresh emotions. Lorella Fabro has displayed her work in Veneto and a number of Italian cities. She lives and works in Mestre (Venice).

Emanuele Horodniceanu